Corrective Exercise

Life, gravity, injury, and even a sedentary job cause our bodies to have muscle imbalances. When this occurs, our bodies start to communicate that there is a problem through joint and muscle pain.

We work with our clients to find the overactive and underactive muscles, then actively work to bring the balance back through proper corrective techniques creating long-term positive results!

Gabriel Ed, and Lucinda PT
Em and Nancy PT

Personal Training

The way you exercise makes as much of a difference as showing up. In a One-on-One personalized environment, we will take you through sessions to increase your full-body strength and cardiovascular health for where you are today.  We work with people who are experienced in fitness and are looking to reach new goals, as well as people who are just beginning their journey.

If you are willing to commit to yourself, we are here to help!

Nutritional Guidance

Health and Wellness are achieved through fitness and proper nutrition. While working out can help your strength and cardiovascular health, nutrition is what fuels your body to perform. Good nutrition and knowledge of caloric values is also a very important tool for feeling better and burning body fat.

We help guide you with simple tools and principles to take control and become more educated on the power you have over your body.

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