Centre Fitness Pricing


(must be 18+ years of age to participate)

*** VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE*** If you have any trouble booking a class or class pack, it may be due to missing information fields on your Mindbody account profile. Any questions or problems? Email us at info@centre.fitness, and we’ll get back to you soon. Thank you! ***VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE***

  • *1st Class:$10 Buy Now or *1st Two Weeks Unlimited: $49 Buy Now (*Cannot be combined)
    • Come try try us out at one of these this super low prices – these are great ways to get to know us with no obligation.
  • Month Unlimited with Auto-pay: $199  Buy Now
    • This contract is for anyone who wants to come to more than 2 classes per week or even multiple classes per day.  Cancel anytime and for any reason with 30 days notice – 3 month minimum.
  • Month Unlimited No Contract: $249 Buy Now
    • Love working out but don’t like commitments of any kind?  We made this pricing option just for you.  Work out as much as you want for the next 30 days for one low fee with no commitment and no annual contract.  Don’t worry, you can buy it as many times as you like.
  • 4 Classes per Month with Autopay: $79 Buy Now or No Contract: $99 Buy Now                         
    • Only able to make it to our awesome group fitness classes once a week?  We understand, schedules are busy, here’s an option just for you.  4 classes per month or get the no contract option and receive 4 classes you can use over the next 30 days.
  • 6 Classes per Month with Autopay: $99  Buy Now or no Contract: $119 Buy Now                     
    • You like to work out a little more than once a week, but only sometimes.  This fantastic pricing option is perfect for you.  Renews monthly but you can cancel anytime and for any reason with 30 days notice – 3 month minimum.  With the no contract option you get 6 classes, for 30 days – what could be better?
  • 8 Classes per Month with Autopay: $129  Buy Now No Contract: $149 Buy Now                   
    • Let’s do this!  Get in here and work that booty 2x a week – now that’s putting you on the road to real change.  Pretty soon, you’ll want that Month Unlimited option.

  • Annual Unlimited: $1799 Buy Now***(Best Deal)***
    • Wow!  You are committed to your fitness and your pocketbook – you know when you’ve found a good thing and a great deal and you’re not afraid to reach out and grab it.  Every single class we offer, for an entire year, for one low price.  You are a shopping/fitness genius.
  • “New You” Specialized Programs! – Click here for a Free Consult
    • Let’s have a chat about your goals, and see what the best path to getting there could be for YOU! 
  • Drop-In Class: $27.50 Buy Now
    • Here for the day?  Came with a friend?  Want to try it out or just need an extra class?  Here you go, this is for you! While it is our most expensive, it is also our most convenient option.
  • Personal Training: $150/session Buy Now
    • While our “NEW YOU” Programs offer a better overall deal, this gives you the option to get a 50 minute specialized training session fit to your needs on an a la carte basis. 
  • Nutrition Guidance Session: $50/session Buy Now
    • While exercise and fitness will help you get stronger and feel better inside, nutrition is an integral part to your body functioning to it’s full potential and also a vital part of weight loss. We will take 30 minutes to focus on methods meant to empower you to find peace and balance in your diet, NOT crash dieting.
  • Fit 3D Full Body Scan $30 per scan Buy Now
    • This is an amazing non-invasive tool for helping you keep track of your results. You will scan in a private room and receive detailed information including: weight, lean body mass, fat body mass, postural analysis, dimensions, and more!!!