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Centre Fitness offers a wide range of Barre, Mat Pilates, Strength, High Cardio, Flexibility, Kickboxing, and Cardio Dance Group fitness classes for every fitness ability that will strengthen, lengthen and tone your entire body safely and quickly.

We are passionate about providing you with a luxurious studio experience, and know that when you allow our team of skilled and personable instructors to push you to your fullest potential in class, you will truly Earn Your Burn. By making the most of each session and attending classes regularly, you will see—and feel!—an immediate difference in your body and mind.

We keep our classes smaller in size, typically averaging 8-10 students, which allows us to tailor each session to each student. No matter if you have injuries, are pregnant, are just getting back into fitness, or if you attend classes regularly: you will always experience an exhilarating, challenging and rewarding workout with each class.

WE BELIEVE IN MUSCLE CONFUSION… New challenges keep your body from that frustrating plateau effect! Many small studios only work in one or two forms of fitness. NOT US!

Our class formats are ever-changing… at Centre Fitness, you will truly never take the same class twice. They differ everyday and with each instructor, who all lend their own flavor to each of their workouts. Our music is always new, too – our classes are sure to keep your body on its toes and free from ever plateauing. We invite you to try them all! Take a look at our schedule to see what classes are currently running.

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  • Tamar Salibian

    Tamar Salibian

  • The new owners – Gabriel and Emily

    The new owners – Gabriel and Emily

  • Gabriel Myers

    Gabriel Myers

  • Sigung Jose Ortega

    Sigung Jose Ortega

  • Nelly Camacho

    Nelly Camacho

  • Emile Abikhalil

    Emile Abikhalil

  • Emily Wood

    Emily Wood

  • Alison Smith

    Alison Smith