90 Days to a New You. You’ve been thinking about it… We’re here to help.

One on One Personalized Training Sessions

You won’t be alone anymore…

We specialize in Corrective Exercise to create truly personalized training for your body & goals.

Help, Advice, Accountability, and Encouragement in One Place!

Unlimited Fun Small Group Classes

For 3 Months!!!

We have variety that is unique to boutique fitness.

Keep it fun, Keep you body guessing, Keep making gains!

Nutritional Guidance and Advice

No crash dieting here.

Learning to take control on your terms instead of rely on quick fixes that disappoint.

Simple methods to educate and empower you!

Unlimited Fit3D Body Scans

High-Tech Non-Invasive Body Scanning.

Gives you all the information you need direct to your email about your progress.

Let’s take the guess work out together!

A Community of Everyday Warriors

A supportive community around YOU… For ALL FITNESS LEVELS.

We strive for Progress, not perfection.

We want to see you succeed!

Support, Support, Support

This is what is lacking in so many gyms.

No high pressure, No intimidation, No judgement

We’re here to help!

If you connect with what you’re reading here… Welcome home to Centre Fitness… Join us.