We just took over and we are rarin’ to get some people in shape! We want to meet all of you, we’ve got some southern phrases ya’ll may have never heard before and we believe in good ol’ Southern Hospitality!

We were raised in Louisiana and Alabama as well as lived in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee around the home of good ol’ Dolly Parton. We’ve split our time over the last 8+ years between the South and the SoCal area, but we have decided to settle in the Pasadena/South Pasadena area and get our workout on!

We’re both certified personal trainers with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and we believe in hands on personalized service. At Centre we have created a motto…


RETRAIN – Your mind

REPLENISH – Your body

REPEAT – Change your habits and start to see this as a marathon of life, not just a sprint that becomes a vicious circle.

CENTREANS TOGETHER – While ultimitely you are the only one that can make the change, all of us are in this together!

If you are looking for a fitness home, we wanna know ya! You deserve to feel good about yourself inside and out, and we have a passion to get ya there!

Gabriel & Emily

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