Our Barre classes combine traditional ballet techniques while utilizing the benefits of circuit training. We place an emphasis on incorporating light to medium sized dumbbells, ankle weights, balls and resistance bands. Designed to provide a whole body workout in a mere 55 minutes, our barre classes strengthen and lengthen your arms, abs, thighs and glutes. Formulated to give you a dancer’s body — slender, toned and strong yet without unwanted bulk — aerobic and anaerobic exercises work in tandem to offer a comprehensive, results-driven total body workout. Absolutely no dance background is required — you don’t even need to have rhythm to take these classes, are we are not dancing! All levels welcome.



Our Mat Pilates classes lengthen and strengthen the body through exercises that effectively work the core and condition the whole body. Our instructors place a great emphasis on stretching, proper alignment and harnessing a positive mind-body connection in this 55 minute class.


Our Yoga Barre Fusion classes combine traditional Vinyasa, Power & Ashtanga practices with the integration of light weights and ballet fundamentals for 55 minutes. With the goal of sculpting the body and providing a rigorous yet calming session, these classes are complete with aerobic and anaerobic techniques. Making this class part of your weekly routine will give you boundless energy and a clear perspective to tackle your days.



Begin or end your day with an invigorating spin class: our beautiful studio space is the perfect backdrop, met by our lively instructors who push and guide you in your fitness transformation. 55 minutes of intense aerobic cardio is all it takes to Earn Your Burn, as you torch between 500-700 calories per session! Sweat it out while you rock your ride to our always changing playlists.


Mariam takes her class around the world in 60 minutes, giving them a unique, authentic blend of movements, music, and dance styles. From Salsa to Samba to Merengue to Cumbia to Hip Hop to Bhangra to Belly Dancing to Burlesque, you’ll do it all in this zumba class! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced booty shaker, this class will be sure to make you smile and sweat. Not only is every class a dance party, but you can expect to work your core and hips to the max. Mariam’s goal is for everyone to leave feeling exhilarated, exhausted and with a newfound love for themselves and for dance. Come burn away those calories!



“Leave your inhibitions at the door. The moment you enjoy watching yourself is the moment when everything comes together,” says Burlesque Instructor Mariam. Join our weekly session to unleash your inner goddess while getting a full body workout. Be prepared to embrace your body and dance your heart out in this hot, sweaty and sassy class! The choreography infuses basic body control while being charged by  a tongue in cheek attitude that teaches students how to command stage presence. Open to all alllevels and abilities, this class is full of simplistic movements that come together to create one unique, coy routine.


Come push your limits with Mariam, The Queen of Core! If you’ve taken her barre, zumba or burlesque classes, you know she loves to strengthen this area in fun and inventive ways!Attend to build strength in one of the most important places; everything emanates from the core! By stabilizing this muscle, you can expect these benefits: significantly lessened back pain, better balance and posture, and enhanced athletic performance – this means exercising will seam easier, butreally, you’re just getting better!

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