Our Barre classes combine traditional ballet techniques while utilizing the benefits of circuit training. We place an emphasis on incorporating light to medium sized dumbbells, ankle weights, balls and resistance bands. Designed to provide a whole body workout in a mere 55 minutes, our barre classes strengthen and lengthen your arms, abs, thighs and glutes. Formulated to give you a dancer’s body — slender, toned and strong yet without unwanted bulk — aerobic and anaerobic exercises work in tandem to offer a comprehensive, results-driven total body workout. Absolutely no dance background is required — you don’t even need to have rhythm to take these classes, are we are not dancing! All levels welcome.



The Sculpt Movement:
 A full-body sculpting and toning class that utilizes a combination of light weights, ankle weights, sliders, the ballet bar, and repetitive movements to create a long, lean body.
Stretch & Tone:
 This class will isolate, strengthen, tone and stretch your body like a dancer. You will experience a blend of exercises & stretches at the barre and on the mat!
The first half of the class will focus on toning and conditioning your muscles. Then you will flow into flexibility to release all of the built up tension, and increase your range of motion. Come and enjoy!
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HIIT + Core:

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training – the most effective type of training to lose fat while increasing cardiovascular health in the shortest time possible. Short bursts High Intensity exercises are combined with rest to create a hormonal change that burns fat both during the workout and for up to 72 hours after due to the Afterburn Effect. Add CORE training and you’ve got yourself a killer workout that will help tone your entire body and get you those great abs you’ve been looking for!

H.I. Noon Boot Camp:

H.I. stands for High Intensity. This boot camp is where multifaceted, multi-plane strength and cardio moves meet laughing and having a great time. All’s fair in love and our boot camp, so bring some grit, determination, and a smile. It might just be the most fun you’ve had while working your butt off!!! It’s tough, but we work with all levels to make a great experience for you.



Circuit City:
Welcome to the Superstore of fitness… Welcome to Circuit City! We’ve been brainstorming, and boy have we created a whole new experience for you Centreans! Get ready to move from station to station doing cardio, strength training, balance work, core, & yes, we might even throw those beautiful spin bikes into the mix. This class brings together fun and variety!
The X:
This class takes a fun, fresh mix of styles from across the fitness universe. NO PLATEAUS allowed in here. This is all about muscle confusion and muscle confusion is what keeps those results coming. Get ready for strength? Yep. High Cardio? Why not. Balance? Me thinks yes! Kenpo and Yoga moves? Guess you’ll just have to see from class to class!!! Everything goes in this fitness feast.


 This class will take you around the world in 55 minutes, offering a unique, authentic blend of movements, music, and dance styles! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced booty shaker, this class will be sure to make you smile and sweat. Not only is every class a dance party, but you can expect to work your core and hips to the max. The goal is for everyone to leave feeling exhilarated, exhausted and with a newfound love for themselves and for dance. Come burn away those calories!



“Leave your inhibitions at the door. The moment you enjoy watching yourself is the moment when everything comes together”. Join our weekly session to unleash your inner goddess while getting a full body workout. Be prepared to embrace your body and dance your heart out in this hot, sweaty and sassy class! The choreography infuses basic body control while being charged by  a tongue in cheek attitude that teaches students how to command stage presence. Open to all all levels and abilities, this class is full of simplistic movements that come together to create one unique, coy routine.

ISO SCULPT + POWER, RESISTANCE REVOLUTION, and More beautiful strength & cardio options!

Iso Sculpt + Power:

You want toned, sculpted muscles? Then do not miss this one! This unique class brings focused isometric and eccentric body movements to isolate the deep muscle fibers accompanied by strong powerful concentric bursts to build lean, tight muscle, rev the metabolism, and burn calories like you won’t believe!

Resistance Revolution:

We all know we need cardio.  We all know we need strength training.  And then there’s core….So why not work them all at once!!!

In this blood pumping, heart pounding, cardio resistance class you’ll break a sweat while engaging the entire body with dumbbells and resistance bands at an upbeat tempo.  Throw in a strong emphasis on shredding the core and you’ll find yourself working hard AND smart with Resistance Revolution!

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