We are the new owners of Centre Fitness, and we want to invite you to see what makes us unique in the boutique fitness world.

We utilize muscle confusion through a wide class variety to prevent frustrating plateaus and keep it fun and interesting in a welcoming environment, so we bring a bit of our Southern upbringing to the table as well.

3 Ways to Reach us:

1. Drop on by and see us during the hours of operation 

2. Text or Call us directly at 626-642-8513

3. Click the button below to Learn more about our Specialized “New You Programs” 

14 Days Unlimited – $49! 

New clients can enjoy 2 full weeks of classes at Centre Fitness for only $49! Or first class for only $10!  

Month Unlimited

Just $199! Unlimited barre, mat Pilates, Zumba, Kickboxing, Iso-Sculpt + Power, Resistance Revolution classes, and SO MUCH MORE.  

Personal Training

This is the real deal. We train in all aspects of fitness and wellness. Strength, Cardio, Balance, Flexibility, and Nutrition. Get the plateaus out of your life, and reach the peak of what you can be!